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Well, its been awhile since I visited this site.
Honestly I remember signing up for it sometime last year but could not remember, so when I saw it mention again on another site, I was glad to find this again.

Well anyways a few things about myself:
My name is Augustin and I'm from Tampa, FL.
I purchase my first x360 in January of 2009, but I can't say exactly when I got into achievements, but now I can't seem to play new games without that option.
I am always looking to boost games, and always looking for Co-Op partners in games that I owned that require so.

I created a custom leaderboard if anyone is interested
I will be giving away at least a $5 MS gift card each month for the person with the most achievements.
It will start July 1 and you must join the leaderboard prior to that period in order to be eligible.
The 1st of month of this will actually be a $15 MS gift card.

If you take a look at my collection , I will be updating Boosting and Co-Op collection to add games I am currently looking for a partner.
I'm always on the hunt for a good hosting partner and Co-Op partner and with 1100 + games I think we may be able to find something uncommon.. Welcome to the club! Interesting little leaderboard idea there, trumping the GTN Iike that, sort of.. but the good thing about GTN is we can have these multiple leaderboard competitions, looks like someone may be able to win your money and our badge on the first go!
Life goal own all retail X-Box games. My collection: X-Box: 535, X-Box 360: 1204, One: 178
Let us get to know you: I want to be on the spotlight 2.0 Join here to enter GTN's monthly Challenge: Challenge, What Challenge...

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