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Hello everyone. My name is Ben and I'm from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm 35 years old, work 6 days a week, and I'm training for the Omaha marathon again this year. I completed the Omaha marathon last year, but with a slower time than I wanted. So, between work, social life, and running, I try to get some gaming in when I can. I used to frequent 360voice and now that that is over I'm excited to find a new gaming site with a lot of familiar gamers. Happy Gaming everyone!
06-16-2014 12:29 PM StaffPremium
I need to get back to do another marathon. Keep it up!
welcome to the site, feel free to add me as a friend.
Welcome to the site, punch and pie over that way... err.. .wait, what do we have here again?

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Welcome once again, its good to ha e like minded individuals here, just don't be a stranger.
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My wife trained for a marathon and she was doing one hour runs during the week and 2 on the weekends. That's gaming time! Best of luck to you finding the time to game, seems as I get older it's just a matter of finding the time.
Welcome to the site! You sound lik a busy gent...
It only took me 100 hours, now Resonance of Fate is finally complete!
You're only 3 hours away, ever travel south?
I've been to Kansas city... No further south than that though.
I've been to Kansas city... No further south than that though.
Originally Posted by Fragilesound
How often?
Not very often. Took a road trip there maybe three years ago.

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