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Hey all.

I'm Kailea *or Kay, whichever you prefer*. I was invited to join by Killak, and thought I'd make a good addition to the community!!! See you all around the forums.
hi, welcome and have fun
Welcome to Gamertag Nation, Kay! Glad to see that Killak referred you here. Hope you'll be able to have a good time here. Look forward to seeing you around.
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Welcome, Love *cuddles* So wonderful to see you here... now that I think of it, lol, it's the second time you've been at a forum with Eric and I since the start...

Lets make this a place to remember...

"As long as civilization remembers pleasant memories, I am always the founder of FFR."

A good friend of mine (guess who) said that. lol... I know together we can make this place wonderful darling... Big Grin thanks for your help.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator

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