Txas boy sayin' hello.


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My gamertag and profile are the same, still waiting for it to verify me and add my gamertag, etc.
Names formulus
or michael, whicever you prefer

I'm always going through games, new and old alike, trying to do achievements, so if you have one of those online games nobody is on anymore, or you need a co-op partner, i'm one of the people who sticks through the long haul to knock achievements out, especially some of the long, time consuming ones.

But anyways, just wanted to say hello, and what's up, to everybody on the site.

edit/p.s. 23, 24 next year, I'm available at all different times to do stuff so just give me a shout.
Welcome to GTN from a VA boy! If I didn't live in VA, I think I'd live in Texas. I don't really want to learn Spanish though.
lol don't worry they all speak english, even though sometimes they try to act like they dont
Welcome to GTN and I too play all sorts of different games.. I may be adding you to my FL soon as I like the gamers who stick it out.. just sometimes that can take a bit.
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Welcome and its good to know for when I go back play those old games that I have one person to go to.
"Its never the end. Its only just the beginning."
Hello, welcome to GN

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