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Just wanted to stop by and say hello!

Noticed most of my past gamer family has moved over to this site..

I miss playing all the time like I used to, but most of all I miss all the members of 360V I would interact with on a daily basis!

Hope to continue the past relationships and create more from the people on this site already!

Good to meet you all Smile

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Glad to see you back in the family.
Welcome Tandar!
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Welcome... Most everybody is here...
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Man this place get's better by the member! Nice to see you man!! Been way too long and I hope it doesn't stay that way very glad to have you as the newest member of the Nation!
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welcome to GTN!
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Welcome to the fold; glad to see we've brainwashed, er, recruited another member Lol

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My name is Mike and been here since July.
HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Grin

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