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Looking for other lgbtq or straight allies to play with online! Playing BF hardline lots right now and Smite
I do not play that game, but welcome to GTN!
Looking for other lgbtq or straight allies to play with online!
Originally Posted by TGirlGamer
So you'll play with everyone right? I don't understand the point of bringing up traits that are irrelevant for playing BF. Like if you said, "looking for people to play during XXX hours of the day", that'd make sense to me.

Anyhow, not trying to sound hateful. Welcome to GTN!
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Welcome to GTN! I don't understand though, why does sexual identity matter?
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I'm pretty sure the reason the individual is asking is because they want to play with people online who don't use derogatory LBGT terms while playing online games because it makes them feel uncomfortable and decreases enjoy the game.
Welcome! I think most if not all of the people here are pretty friendly.
Welcome! I think most if not all of the people here are pretty friendly.
Originally Posted by Roku750
You mean most of the active posters and especially the people posting in this thread. I think you can just be yourself around here and you'll be ok, unless you get in to a blood feud with Kaens..and even then he's still an alright kinda guy.

Welcome to the Nation! Please don't feel afraid to ask questions or get involved in threads or activities. We are trying to build a better site and we love feedback. We just ask you have of patients with us. You can always PM me here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. So in the mean time mingle and get to know everyone!
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I don't play and BF or any shooters really, but either way, welcome to the site!! There are plenty of great people to play online with.

Join the leaderboard that is *actually* #1 on the site! All friends of mine are welcome and anyone who prefers poptarts over fish!
Welcome to GTN. Also not a battlefield player these days. Might pick the next one up, we'll see.
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There are so many awesome things to do here, and I hope you enjoy your company. We are all a pretty decent group of gamers that are more mature (most of the time) than many of the other sites out there.

Glad to have ya!

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