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whats up everyone... new guy here... i recently bought a xbox 1 and i am looking for friendly people to game with... I am currently addicted to ea ufc, wwe 2k16, nba 2k16, borderlands trilogy, cod bo3 (but i am horrible at it) killer instinct and i am getting mortal kombat XL today... hope to game with u soon...

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welcome to GTN! The only game you mention id be interested in playing is Borderlands. I too suck at competitive MP shooters and I just dont play them.
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Welcome Aboard!
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Welcome, you have a good collection of one games. I only have GTA V for it so it doesn't get much use yet. I still have 800 games to sort through on 360.
Welcome, Lex!
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Glad to have you in the Nation hope you enjoy our stellar community.. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to jump in to our forum and ask, I'm sure one of our helpful community members will be able to help you and if not our staff will. You can always PM us directly too, but getting to know you is much more fun. See you around and Welcome to our Nation!
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