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Howdy all. It was a surprise to stumble upon this site tonight as I've been looking for a forum to join for a while.

Basically who I am... no-one special, programmer, father, gamer. Trying to get a few gaming related projects off the ground but work takes up far too much of my time. The rest of the time is split between my daughter, achievement obsession and sleep. I've run a few community sites over the years (forum based) hence the reason why I was looking for a forum to join, I miss the medium. Also spent a good portion of 10 years playing FFXI, probably something that I shouldn't be proud of, but made a heap of life long friends through it, and had a myriad of wonderful gaming experiences in that game. Love the system.

I'm currently on a self imposed challenge to get through a year without starting a new game. This gives me the excuse to go back over older games that I never finished properly, and oh boy have I re-found some gems.

Anyhoo, Hi~
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Welcome to the site Ky. A whole year without starting new games? That is going to be pretty tough, I don't think I could do it myself. Best of luck with your goal.
Welcome to GTN.
I have to second what Marv said tough to not play a new game this year some good looking titles, but hey you could pick them up cheaper later anyway so maybe good idea.
Stumbling is ok. I'm glad you found us, now we can help you to stand. Smile Welcome to the Nation and all our wonderful and qwerky community. Seriously don't be afraid to jump on in to the forums and make new friends or even start your own discussions. The more you talk the more we get to know you and you us and that makes it better for everyone. So if one of our community members don't answer any questions right away one of us/staff will or you could PM us directly, we just love that....(no Marv I'm not being sarcastic...lol) Sounds like you'll be right at home here so I look forward to seeing you around and possibly bumping into you! Have fun!
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Thanks, the no new games goal I've put myself on isn't as bad as one would think. During the first few months I wondered how long it would take for me to crack and play something new, and trust me, I've been close. But now nine months down and I can see the end. I've got a nice list of games to play as soon as Jan 1st ticks over.
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Welcome to GTN
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