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Hello people! My name is Cole, And I do whatever neccessary to earn acheivements. Except the forbidden dingus method...Cheating. In my opinion, Cheating is really lame when your unlocking stuff. Then again, These acheivements are like crack to some. Just keep your cheating away from DethPopp300 babay! Currently playing Fallout 3 game of the year. This marks the second game im going to complete on the 360 platform. Because im just starting out, My goal is to reach at least 20 000 gamerscore by the end of this year. Other than that, This is one helluva site! I can really follow what im doing and where im sitting on those leaderboards. Well then, Back to playing!
Hey, welcome to GTN Smile

I like the Achievements, but some of the scores they give are odd (e.g. 10G for completing MW2's missions on Veteran difficulty, but 125G for completing the story of Mass Effect 2).

I can understand why you'd want to complete games like that, my gamerscore is lousy because I don't go for every achievement lol (oh, not to mention the games my friends play on my Xbox that I never play again...)
Hey there, glad to have you in the GTN community. I tend to become an achievement whore from time to time, actually. Although it's somewhat rare nowadays, I absolutely love hearing that "Achievement Unlocked" sound. I am hoping to unlock all of the FIFA 10 achievements, though. Not sure exactly how long that will take me, but I'm having fun with it. Smile
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yeah, Sure do love that sound!
i have to say, a game like Ninja Gaiden 2 isn't something you want to play for gamerscore. go for sports games if you're looking for easy points quickly.
I find sports games kinda boring actually. I dont know, I've played the demo the big show on the ps3, And it was cool...Just waaaay too technical and accurate. I guess what im saying is since sports games disinterest me, I'd rather play my ass off to earn acheivements by playing platformer, fps, and rpg's, Rather than earn acheivements playing games that depress me, Ha ha. However i do like hockey, So you can bet i will pick up EA Products if its hockey there throwing my way, You know?
hi . . .
my name is talha , 21 years of age loves gaming , i just logged in and this is my first post . . . :-D
nice forum keep up the good work , looking forward to get so much useful info and some good friends from this forum
have a nice day all . . . ;-D
Hello there, talha! It's nice to have you around here. Have fun!
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Yeah, Welcome to both of you! It's good to have some fresh blood around here.

I wanna hear about all those cool achievements people! This is what it's all about. You work and work and then you hear that noise, and it's kinda hard not to scream "YESSSSS!" and wake the neighbours.

I hope to see both of you around. Why not tell us your interests? Make us some topics so we can learn about you!

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Hi here, welcome to GTN! Enjoy your stay with us Smile

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