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Hey guys! my gamertag is B52 Flya and I mainly play H.A.W.X, FF 13, MW2, BF1943, Forza 3, and CoD classic (also soon to be CoD 7). umm....

I could use some help getting better in pretty much all above games except for Final Fantasy (one-player only, haven't seen a multiplayer thing), and H.A.W.X, so if you are online and would like to help me in some way that would be great! Also, ask me about the clan I'm in! It's a great bunch!
Looks like you're quite the hardcore gamer. Glad to see a new face in the community. Let me know if you need help verifying your gamertag or anything. See you around!
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Quite a nice selection of Games, B52. Welcome to the forum, and have a mosey around for a gaming partner!

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
just thought I'd let everyone know this. I accept friend invintations more than I send them. So send me an invite @ ghst R3CON Wolf, and I'l try to start playing with you.

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