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Well hey there! I saw a link to this place on, so I decided to come and take a look. I run my own XBox forums, but I've got to commend you guys on the setup here - top stuff!

Anyway, I might see you all around Wink
hey there, good to have you. thanks for the kind words
We appreciate the comment mate.

Stick around and you'll see a lot more, eh.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
Hi there, welcome to GTN Smile The home of the Xbox 360.
Cheers. Anybody got any idea why my XBL account hasn't been validated here? I added the validation code to my profile and everything...
it's not saying it wasn't verified, just that it was recently added, so it may just take some time.
Ah right then. makes sense Smile Things seem pretty slow here o.O I was expecting more new posts...

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