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Which Gamertag Is the Best/Funniest?

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× 3 (14.29%) aFuriousFatKid

× 4 (19.05%) iKickedaMidget

× 4 (19.05%) FatKidsRevenge

× 3 (14.29%) Luv2WearGbangaz

× 3 (14.29%) theHoffisAngry

× 3 (14.29%) BertNewtonsFury

× 1 (4.76%) aRabidMidget

× 3 (14.29%) iEatBabySeals

× 3 (14.29%) Um itsThePleats

× 4 (19.05%) MooseKnuckleGuy

  • Added 12-21-2010 06:57 PM
  • 21 votes
  • Multiple choice enabled
Hi All!

After Years of having my name as my gamertag, I want to change it and need some help deciding...
Let me know which one is the best from my shortlist!









Um itsThePleats


Thanks! See ya online!!!
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the Hoff doesn't seem like a bad idea, though you could always play around with variations of it.
iEatBabySeals is horrible yet reminds me of a GT I saw a few days ago: iClubBabySeals.
Let the Chaos begin...

Such A F*cking Lady & A Pretty Hate Machine
| Something wicked this way comes... |
I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to destroy it...

...Because everyone needs a little Chaos in their life.
how about:


you'd have to play Adventure Quest to get that reference entirely, but basically.... Ebil is evil, except with some cuteness thrown in
just be sure to think it through; they're releasing a lot of older gamertags too, so you might find one that used to be taken.

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