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Hello, my name is Ashanti and I'm 18. I'm back on xbox after my old one was stolen about a year ago and I've just got a new console and a new gamertag. I found this website on google and it seemed like an excellent way to get back into the xbox community. So um hi!

Oh and my GT is killinglocals
Hello mate

Good to see you on here, hope you like it so far, i use this site more than to keep up to date with most things with my 360 and gaming,

My Gamertag is TimedEaglet
Good to have you, locals. Feel free to link your gamertag to your account, too.
Hello, welcome to GTN! Smile Unlucky about your 360 being stolen, Erik's xbox 360 had the same fate not so long ago.
Hi, welcome to GamerTagNation!!!

Enjoy your stay and if you have any questions let me know Smile
Welcome to GTN Big Grin Have fun and enjoy yourself ^_^ Don't forget to check the forums for on site shenanigans x3
Let the Chaos begin...

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