I think I may have joined this forum...


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I'm still not too sure about it, but I think that Simon sent me a message over Facebook about this place....
....And now I've descended into this dark abyss of forum lurking.

But in any case I may grow to enjoy my stay here, so I'll introduce myself properly,
I go by the online name "The Archanist" and I've dung my roots into London, although I intend to leave the place as soon as I can. My real name is Hywel and I'm a Welsh/American Londoner with hints of Filipino, Russian and many, many other places.

I'm 16 and have been gaming for most of my life that I can remember. I'm an avid follower of RPG's and FPS's but I still take time out to dabble into the world of Expert level Guitar Hero/Rock Band Guitar playing.

That's just about everything,
-Hywel (The Archanist)
Welcome. This place seems quiet now but during the day the posts rack up. Feel free to start more threads and other things. Expert level huh? can barely be bothered to try medium haha
England is my city
Hey man, welcome to Gamertag Nation. Good to see another new face around here since we're still fairly small. Hope you'll be able to stick around as a fellow gamer too. Lemme know if you need anything.
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Welcome aboard! Good to see you've decided to join us here at Gamertag Nation! Feel free to use our resources and to bring your opinion to our discussions about gaming, or indeed, just have a laugh!

See you around the Forums!

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Expert level huh? can barely be bothered to try medium
Originally Posted by Blank Planet
That's because you sir, have no understanding of how many hundreds of hours I put into tapping buttons on a miniature guitar.
I dabbed into the expert levels on Guitar Hero III a few times. I don't recall making it to expert in Guitar Hero II though. If I kept playing, I might have been able to actually complete it. Frown

I've moved onto Rock Band for now though. It's hard to compete with a drumset, microphone and better song selection. Big Grin
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