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Im somehow missing the badge for earning 100k gamerscore in a year. I did 110k last year but gtn here shows only 98k somethings definately off with the scanners. Its not even showing the 5k i did this week
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Any1 here? Seems like all the mods took a hike
get-r-done payback is a mother
Give 'em a little time. The mods have jobs and families just like the rest of us; they'll handle it. Smile

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Its been an on going problem for a couple years now that nobody even cares to fix it
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It's a little more complex than you might think, but I think we've tried to fill in any gaps from the API's and sync tech by manually making things right when needed. Like I mentioned in the PM, your profile doesn't look like it's missing enough data to account for the score gap, so I'd like to dig a little deeper. If there's not an obvious cause, I'd like to get Eric to take a look too.
From the looks of it im missing alot of games that i played last year. weird those it shows my overall gamerscore is correct but my monthly totals are way off. Take for instance last month i did 17,700 n this month im at 8400. It does Not reflect what i have earned
get-r-done payback is a mother
3 weeks now n no fix? just compared my ta stats n im missing over 300 achievements here on gtn
get-r-done payback is a mother
I also shot for the 100k badge in 2019. TA shows my score for the year as 100,505, but GTN has me at 98,765.
Gonna keep lighting this up till my profile gets fixed. Hey Eric we need u fix a few things
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I fixed another 30 of yours manually, but the rest is probably due to missing games.
I fixed another 30 of yours manually, but the rest is probably due to missing games.
Originally Posted by Obsidian Tides
Ty for helping but yah im pretty sure the main problem is that there where at least 150 to 200 games for xbox
that were never added last year or were forgot to add.
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Thanks for the updates OT. Can I please ask what the status is RE missing games. Fully appreciate admins have lives of their own, just be useful to know if games are still being added or if there is a ballpark schedule for doing this. Thanks
I know Eric adds them in bursts due to his schedule, and it's definitely harder to keep up these days due to the volume of games compared to the early days
Thats the problem he hasnt added much if any games since july last year
get-r-done payback is a mother
Is this something that selected members of the community could be invited to assist with? Those with the skills, knowledge and hand picked by Eric, to help out? I'm sure there would be volunteers.

I like the site, the style, the information I can track but find myself using it less and less because of this issue of it falling out of sync with game releases and I imagine others risk drifting away too.

It isn't a criticism - this stuff takes time and people need lives and it would be a shame to see this great site dwindle out.
We have had other admins on and off who were able to help, but lately it's only been Eric. I'm sure he would be open to new volunteers.

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