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ive tried to connect my yahoo facebook n windows lives accts on several occassions n it gives me a blank every time is there any way to fix this? otherwise im just gonna give up on those 3 badges
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I haven't been able to duplicate this issue. When does it give you a blank page? After entering your login details for Facebook, Yahoo, etc.., or before it asks you for this information? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Edit: This appears to be a duplicate thread. See the following thread:
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I had that problem when I first signed up. It was usually after I entered my details to sign in.

Facebook and windows live worked for me from the manage your links section when I was already signed into the site.

Yahoo was a bit of a problem and I can't really remember how I sorted it out but you could try bypassing it by using openid and using your yahoos openid which is just I think

Any questions about openid just go to


The first site tell you what sites can be used for openid and the second gets you an openid

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