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I have some games and achievements showing up on my profile, that I have never played. Is there anyway to completely resync my profile?

Edit: This is just in reference to my profile on this site. My profile is correct.
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Can you provide some examples of the games that are on the site that are not on your profile.
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Have you played any games and deleted them off your profile before gaining any achievements as the game will still sync up to the site if it is on your profile around the time of syncing?
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That's odd. Our data comes straight from, so I don't see how this could've happened. Do you mind providing an example of a game that is on your GTN profile, and not on your profile? I will also investigate and see if I can find the discrepancy.
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After investigating this further, I believe the games listed on your profile are correct now. Thanks for letting me know!
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Sorry for the long delay...I have been working this week and haven't had a chance to come on here...I'll check my profile and let you know if is fixed

Edit: looks to be fixed now! Thanks for the the way this site is lookin great!

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