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I played "The Walking Dead" this morning and unlocked 8 Achievements, I checked back a few hours later and they didn't show up. I went to the "Server Status" link in the top menu and checked back every time it gave a next update time.

Couple Questions..
1. Is this a bug?
2. Do Premium members sync at the same intervals and times as standard members?
3.In the "Server Status" link where it shows next update, is that global for all members?

Thanks guys, Site is amazing... I know you guys will work this out.
ive been having the same issue for at least a week or so now sometimes it shows n sometimes it dosent
I just looked at my game library and saw this...

Game Library for FallenSaint84
Last synced: Yesterday 11:21 AM

There a bug with the syncing?
might ask eric or dark lord white they can that 4 yah
Premium members are supposed to be synced up every day. Your achievements, in most cases, will sync up the same day. Sorry for the delay in syncing your profile. There was a bottleneck in the system which has been addressed this evening. Your achievements and games will sync up momentarily. Thanks for the report.
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Thanks Eric!!!... All is good now, I appreciate the fast response.
Hey Eric.. My profile seems to being having the sync issue again
Your profile should sync up every couple of hours now. I changed the syncing schedule last week to help prioritize those that are signed up with Premium.
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