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On my own page it shows I have a collection (1), but the listing doesn't show my collection. I reproduced this several times but never was able to get it to show up.

If I navigated there via Games > User Collections THEN it shows up just fine.
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I am having the same issue.. but i think i know why.. i've created 3 private collections they are the one's i cant see or edit anywhere on the site.. they count on the collections but cant not see them.. not sure if its the same issue you are having

UPDATE: Eric i know my issue if i creat a private collection from the start it will not show up.. if i create public THEN changed it too private will stay visible for me with the lock.
.. but i have 3 collections in limbo!
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Tarek nailed it, I just figured it out as well and came to update. It wasn't showing up in some views because it was private, although I don't recall setting it to private and everyone used to be able to see it so was the private/public a tag you added recently to collections with the default being private? When I edited mine settings, neither option was checked.

So probably need two things...

  1. Make public/private a mandatory choice, possible database cleanup for those that don't have it set.
  2. Adjust the view page to display private boards when you are the owner.

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