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Hey there Eric, Just noticed few achievements with wrong pictures or their pictures not showing


"Dispense With This" (Picture not showing)

"Cow Tipper" (Wrong picture)

"Monster Hunter" (Picture not showing)

"Getting an Upgrade" (Wrong picture)

"Benchmarking" (Wrong picture"

"Getting Wood" (Wrong picture)

"Taking Inventory" (Wrong picture)


"Terraria Student" (Wrong picture)

"Terraria Expert" (Wrong picture)

"Crowd Control" (Wrong picture)

"Marathon Runner" (Wrong picture)

"Ride the Worm" (Wrong picture)

"Bona Fide" (Wrong picture)

"Ophthalmologist" (Wrong picture)

"Hallowed Be Thy Name" (Wrong picture)

"Maxed Out" (Wrong picture)

"Home Sweet Home" (Wrong picture)

That's all for now Stick Out Tongue Have a great day
Last edited 10-08-2013 at 10:10 AM by Avenge Agony.
"The fear of the blood tends to create fear for the flesh"
I wonder if there is a difference between countries or something concerning the images.
I doubt, Some achievements share the same pictures when they shouldn't

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