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Hey folks, just registered today. I was awarded something like 60ish badges once my GT was scanned. I'm getting about 2-3 emails every hour or so announcing that I received new badges.

That's going to be quite a fair amount once it's finished processing me.

Are there plans (or can you please?) to group the badges/news together so I just get one e-mail with a lot of content opposed to 60 of them? Smile
You can adjust it in your Notifications Settings along with other email options. There is no current grouped badge setting, but that's not a bad idea, especially for new members,
Just want to post a follow up regarding this.

I received around 10 e-mail total (no clue if the rest were filtered by Google or not).

It looks like the fundamental issue was not that it was sending out notifications for all the badges, instead it was sending them out for what was considered a new badge.

I registered at 12:42 pm on the 25th and the majority of my badges are from that time. Then I connected google and facebook and got two new badges (and as a result notifications). Then it looks like my achievements got processed and as a result I received a few more over the next 9 hours, and each one of those was an e-mail.
Sorry for the onslaught of emails, but thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'm hoping to combine these badge notification emails so that others aren't overwhelmed when they sign up. I'd like for the system to send one nicely packed email showing how many badges you've unlocked during that initial syncing phase. This will occur somewhere around 24-48 hours after you've verified your gamertag, or once all your achievements have been synced up in the system. Hmmm... I'll have to look into this some more.

Thanks again for letting me know about this!
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Eric saves the day again!
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
It's another Festivus miracle!
Sorry for the onslaught of emails, but thank you for bringing this to my attention.
Originally Posted by GTN Eric
When I made the post I was worried that I'd end up getting 50+ emails. In the end it was 10-15 over what I'd say is a 12 hour period (including the registration/confirmation mail) so the impact was a lot smaller.

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