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So I was just goofing around on the site, possibly trying to find a so-called mystery badge, and I saw the Compare Gamertags under the Tools. I don't have any of my Xbox live friends on this website, so I just chose Buckswana and Fshguy as I see they post a lot and have massive gamerscores.

I chose the two others, and hit compare, and I assume the results are correct, which is fine, but I scrolled down the page and saw there were filter options to see Played; In Common; Completed. So I wanted to see a comparison of the games we all played, but when I click on that, or even Completed, the list of games does not change at all.

I have attached a screenshot example.
File Type: jpg
I can confirm this issue. I even tried adding 4 people (canadian8tor, Buckswana, Fshguy and myself) to see if the extra field being blank was an issue, as well as doing on two gamers (canadian8tor and myself) to see if maybe the code looked for "any common games" - but all settings had the exact same results.
Sending this to Eric, but it may be in a Beta type stage so issues will occur, thanks for catching it.
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