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Hi, I've only just signed up to the site and I need to complete the verification of my Gamertag. Problem is I can't see any way of editing my bio on the new!

Am I being dumb? (Be nice)

Can I just add it via the Xbox 360 dashboard? I don't think I've seen my bio anywhere on my Xbox One either...

Sorry for the confusion. I'm in the process of looking into other verification options (or perhaps removing the verification process altogether) since the most recent update to seemingly removed the option to edit the Bio field. I am manually verifying new gamertags at the moment. Yours is ready to go now.
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07-07-2014 02:39 PM StaffPremium
I don't recall ever having an issue where somebody hijacked somebody else's gamertag on 360voice. Removing the option may be the simplest. Other option I've thought of is sending a Live message to a user, but there's more potential headaches with that option.
Not sure why my no longer working and they made alot of changes on the site.Not sure my is correct.
Thanks Eric, I don't envy you that headache!!
A workaround I used was to edit my bio through my Windows Phone, if that is an option for anyone, I know it worked for me.
You can also use the following link to edit your profile here just make sure your logged into
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The gamertag verification process has been removed as of this afternoon. New gamertags will be automatically verified moving forward. Smile
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hmm DLW.. where did you get that link from.. lol
seems like i mentioned that backdoor link to you earlier that day... lmfao

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