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I noticed over the last couple of days that if someone has an edited post (or maybe multiple edits to a post), the "Go to Last Post" button on the left of the thread, in the view unread posts option, doesn't always take me to the last post.

Even if the edited post has NOT been edited again since the last time I viewed the thread, I end up at the edited post, again.

It is a minor problem, but extremely annoying. I haven't been able to hammer out 100% exactly the conditions needed, but, if you could figure it out, I would really appreciate it.
Is it because it's not go to last post, but go to first unread post perhaps...
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Originally Posted by B8TINGU
Is it because it's not go to last post, but go to first unread post perhaps...
Originally Posted by Hotdogmcgee
Actually, yes, it is. But even so, it is taking me to edited posts that have not been edited since I last read them.

I am seeing the same edited post, with no changes and no new edited time each time I use the go to first unread button.
It's not taking me to the first unread post anymore. Was working fine before. Usually just takes me to the first post in the thread, even though there are new posts.
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I think I have found an issue with this.

I appears that any thread that I have "marked as read" with the button Eric added recently will no longer acknowledge new posts. So, whatever was the first new post since I last read the thread when I marked it read is ALWAYS be the post that I go to when I use the go to unread button. Even after going into the thread and reading to the end.

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