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When I click on Help in the top right of the page, then FAQs at the bottom, I just get taken to a blank white page, no errors, no nothing.

this is the url

Ugh oh, I hope that's not my fault. Not that I'm personally responsible, but I did suggest a FAQ in the premium forums and Eric said he would do it if I wrote up some sample questions. I didn't do that (I've got 8 midyear reviews to write up still for work first). So I kinda feel responsible either way. Maybe we could start the FAQ building thread right here! Crowd sourcing, that's how we'll get it done!
We do have a help section


but we are also building a FAQ page and once the questions are all together it will be implemented.

If you have a Question you think would fit or should be included please fee fee to add it here and I'll look at including it or fitting it on somewhere, but please state that the question is for the FAQ page and/or one that you are actually asking otherwise we won't know if your asking or just want it included for future members.
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