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There has to be something going on with this one. There are only so many ways a person can enter this simple code. With spaces, without spaces, with the b a at the end, without the b a, etc. For weeks now I have tired it on multiple PCs, multiple browsers and all to no avail. Someone said the key was to hit enter at the end but I do that every time anyway, so that's not it. There has to be something glitchy going on with it. Has it been retired or something?
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How are you inputting the code? Because I just managed to activate it here at work and the browsers are like IE 7.
don't do it in the address bar or search bar

Just click into a blank space where you cannot type anything, then enter your code
Doh...Zombie in PJs sent me a suggestion (same as you just posted, Griffey) and it worked. Apparently it was user-error afterall and not glitched. You have no idea how many times I've typed that bastard into the search bar expecting different results....pure definition of insanity. Thanks guys!
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Twitter: @SG_Steelhead
Glad we could help =) You are one more badge closer to global domination. Congrats.
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Yea took me a long time to get that to work, but this badge actually gives you immediate confirmation that you got it with out having to check your profile.
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A few years ago, there was something like 100 sites that did this as an Easter egg for the sites (CNN, ESPN, SI, FOX, seriously, not just game site, but all over the internet), and they all entered the same way (don't forget the "entered" part...) - so, it was fairly obvious for me when I saw it here.
Those pebkac problems can be a bitch, ya know? Lol
Instagram: @tat2dtrash
Twitter: @SG_Steelhead

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