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Every page I visit on GTN is now coming up with the 'Keyboard shortcuts' box. I can only get rid of it by pressing ? twice.

If I do that on my profile, that then reveals a 'Are you sure you want to delete this update?' box, which I can't get rid of at all.

This may just be an IE issue (IE9 in this case), but that's all I have on this laptop.

EDIT: There's more, on threads it's by default showing the 'Share this thread', 'Share this post' and also the Job status dialog. Seems all those related things are defaulting to being displayed, instead of being hidden.
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This was happening to me when I was at work using IE7 but it popped up a Jconsole message as well. In that message it stated that there was no header and that it would cause an infinite loop, aborting. I would get that message three times before it stopped. I'm on my phone right now using safari and it hasn't popped up.

Update: 8/3/2014
I added a picture. Tried to add a video but the file type is not supported.
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Ah yes, Internet Explorer. This is related to some CSS changes made earlier this week. Let me work on this and test on my side. Any IE10 users experiencing issues?

Update: This should be fixed now. If you continue to face issues, try refreshing the cache (CTRL + F5).
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I don't really use IE on my personal computers, I prefer to use firefox. I only use IE when I am at work. Thank you though Eric for looking into the issue.
Update: This should be fixed now. If you continue to face issues, try refreshing the cache (CTRL + F5).
Originally Posted by GTN Eric
That doesn't seem to have helped, Eric.

All the modal boxes are still appearing on page load, and I've made sure the old cached files gone.

Appreciate you looking into this though; trying to keep any semblance of compatibility with older browsers can quickly become a bit of an ask. Apart from this problem though, the site's quite happy in IE9.
Modal issue seems to be fixed now, but now I'm noticing that the footer background (the grey and green bands) are much further up the page than they would normally be.

It doesn't affect every page yet though; the forums are fine.

That said, the modal thing was the biggest issue as all those 'popups' got in the way of using the site. I can put up with the site having the wrong layout.
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For some reason I'm unable to duplicate these issues when I emulate earlier versions of IE in IE11, but I am able to see what you're talking about when I view the site via the Internet Explorer app on the 360. The badges page looks weird as hell in the IE app. This must be an issue with the stylesheet. Looking into this now.
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Cool , because I have two community members that say they can not log into the site due to this.
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