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I bought an Xbox One four days ago, and have played 3-4 games but the site has logged none of my activity. Do I need to refresh or add my console to my account profile?
I checked all the things I thought it could be, it's just odd that none of your X1 games are being synced. Must be another one of the 'manual' processes.
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11-08-2014 11:20 AM StaffPremium
Go to the Gear drop down next to your gamerpic at the top to go to your profile settings. Go to the "gamertag" section. There's a check box that says "Automatically sync Xbox One data (BETA)". Check on that.

We're not automatically scanning for XBOX One for everybody right now. I think we might need to assume that now going into year 2.

Congrats on the new XBOX.
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