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11-24-2014 02:03 PM StaffPremium
So, went to look at the active challenge for Sunset Overdrive.... Get a 500 combo, which is only 5 times longer than the 100 combo, which was dull in itself... Tried to make a comment for kicks....

Comment button doesn't open up the option..

To second this, found that on achievements, I can make a comment, it just doesn't show up again!

Just adding here so it's logged and to see if people have even tried to do this.
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I think I've added comment to achievements, i.e.: Guides.. If you check out Halo Wars and scroll down to the achievement "Didn't get to Second Base" you'll see the annotated comment marker next to it. Specifically :

So the problem may be with just challenges or something hasten wrong with that game or even comments in general, but I have posted a few comments.. so I know they weer working at some point.
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