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I percieve my signature all messed up, how do you guys see it? Is it the same as it's always been? I see all the forum code with it for some reason.

Help GTN folks! I didn't change anything, but I must have screwed it up somehow.
Yep. It's all messed up, bro. All of the text looks fine and it's formatted the way you want it, but you also have the code showing.
Yup. All kinds of messed up. It's odd.

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01-08-2015 12:21 PM StaffPremium
I think Eric suggested to you in another thread to resave it... You might need to clean up the formatting. BTW, I think you need a new post to test it.
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porsche, here's where Eric was trying to help you with your signature:

Try going back to your Edit Signature page (under My Account > Edit Profile > Edit Signature) and save your signature again. Here's how it should look below:

US Army Retired 68W30 Combat Medic w/ EFMB
360Voice Community Expert | TrueAchievements Pro Sub.
Badge-aholics Anonymous. | Proud Gamerdad

RK1 Original Member | x360a Donator | XboxAmerica Donator

232 Games Completed (Or so)

The full code (wrapped in noparse tag):

[color="ORANGE"][size="3"]US Army Retired 68W30 Combat Medic w/ EFMB[/size][/color]
[color="Green"][size="3"]360Voice Community Expert[/size][/color] | [size="3"]TrueAchievements Pro Sub.[/size]
[color="Red"][size="2"]Badge-aholics Anonymous.[/size][/color] | [size="2"]Proud Gamerdad[/size]
RK1 Original Member | x360a Donator | XboxAmerica Donator
[size="1"]232 Games Completed (Or so)[/size]
Originally Posted by GTN Eric
EDIT: He helped with formatting, you're going to need to add the link destinations yourself.

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