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GTN's scans don't seem to be picking up that I've unlocked the Keymaster achievement in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

This was likely caused by an issue I was hit with on Saturday where the achievement didn't add any gamerscore, but was still marked as unlocked on the achievement app, on smartglass and on xbox.com. It was very odd.

The score did eventually add on 24 hours later, which GTN detected yesterday, but it hasn't yet picked up that the achievement is unlocked as well.

Anything I can do to give it a kick, besides unlocking another achievement in DA:I? As the only two I have left are for doing another full playthrough on hard and/or nightmare, I don't see that happening any time soon.
I tried a force sync just in case, but no luck. We can give it some time to see if anything changes, since your circumstances are a little unusual.
Definitely unusual. Smile

I think Microsoft are fiddling with the achievement app on the One, to try and stop the delayed unlock problem that it's had since launch, and introduced this new issue in the process.

GTN's the only tracking site that I use that hasn't coped completely with the issue.

TA couldn't track the achievement until the points had been added on, but then picked it up fine. Playfire tracked it regardless, even when the points were missing. And like I say, GTN did pick up the score change for the game, just not the achievement.

Obviously all the sites do their tracking in different ways.
The achievement finally got picked up by the scanners today, along with those from the DLC that released this week.

If there hadn't been any more achievements to get though, I don't think it would have ever been detected.
Glad to know it was resolved, keep us posted if anything else comes up.

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