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Mentioned this to Fsh already, but wanted to put it here for Eric and referral. None of my app achievements are counting anymore. It's been stuck on 47, and I should be around 97 or so now. If I look at my achievements and use the filter for apps only, it shows them all there, but still only says 47 at the top. It's been adding to the apps played total fine, but not the individual achievement totals.
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ditto for me
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Originally Posted by B8TINGU
Yeah I've complained about this one before too. It's certainly a known issue. Whatever job calculates how many of a type you have earned show up in that 'preview', but when you filter the correct count is there. The badges look triggered off that calculated preview number so until that increments you won't get the badge.
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04-21-2015 12:26 AM StaffPremium
Counter should increment correctly now.

Counts are still off, I will ask Eric to fix/recalculate the counts and hand out any pending badges...
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