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More of a way to increase the pain, I mean challenge... If more than 4 people go for the 15k, then I'd vote for the next level.
Originally Posted by Fshguy
Do you want to kill community member like that dude in Korea?
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04-15-2015 12:05 PM StaffPremium
Do you want to kill community member like that dude in Korea?
Originally Posted by B8TINGU
25k in a week for an established gamer would take a lot of planning, self control. And I'm not the one that suggested the 25k level. I'm just suggesting you do some training to get up to that level. I mean, most people try out a half marathon before jumping from a 5k to a full Marathon. And then some people just want to do one and done... But what's the fun in that....
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Look, Fsh just went nuts for two weeks and scored 15k ish with no planning. Granted, those visual novels meant he didn't really have to plan. Stal, Smrnov, Rand all score 10k a month just playing new stuff coming out. For fun I sent Fsh this photo when he passed those guys on my friends list for the 30 day mark...

Now I'm not idiot, 30 day is much larger than 7 days, but that's just normal playing they are doing.
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