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According to the site, I have a total gamerscore of 70,540. On True Achievements, I have a total gamerscore of 70,575 - which matches up with what's on my 360. I can't seem to figure out where I'm missing 35 points from, and it's been off by around 30 points or so for the last couple of days. I thought if I gave the site time to synch, it would eventually correct itself, but it's not happened thus far.
Looking at it, I see two achievements on TA more than here (3004 vs 3002)

Almost need to look page by page to see where the missing ones are?

I see Ulitmate Matchmaker from MS Mahjong not listed here right away, worth 10gs, so that means 25gs is another achie. Let me look.
Without getting to far into this, I did some scans and came up with some new games and achievements, your MS Mahjong is now on your GTN profile, but you have unlocked a few new achievements since this thread went up. Ultimately both sites probably synch at different times, unless you force them at the same time and even then I'm not sure the reply times for either. This means you'll probably see a small difference in both sites as it relates at any given time. This may have fixed your problem and this might not be the answer you wanted and if you still have concerns/ problems please let us know. One of our resident devs may have to look more closely at this.
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