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i just went through and gave a rating to every game in my library which is 342 however if i look at the opinionated V badge my progress says 316/500 and also if i look at my games tab is says games played at 342 and ratings 316. my game ratings breakdown however does add up to 342
By adding up your games tagged as WIN and ONE, as well as one from either DROID or IOS, we end up with the 26 games you appear to be missing; that means games with those tags may not be contributing toward badge progress. I'll ask a dev to take a peek and see if they can confirm this.
i can say since my 1st post i have rated 5 more games 3 360 games and 2 ONE games and all 5 added to the ratings total
current totals are 346 played with 320 ratings. clicking on the ratings link still shows me all 346 games and the game ratings breakdown graph shows 22 5 stars, 109 4 stars, 171 3 stars, 33 2 stars and 11 1 star. the only place that is showing the lost 26 seems to be only at the ratings link on the games tab and on the opinionated badges progression bar
Status changed from 'Logged' to 'Info Needed' - Could you check your totals again? I've updated everyone's ratings total based on what's in the database. I failed to update those totals when Xbox 360 apps were removed from the site, so I'm thinking this issue may have been related to that.
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checking the opinionated badge and the games tab my totals are now showing the 346 total ratings i have done
Status changed from 'Info Needed' to 'Fixed' - Great, thanks for letting us know. Issue appears to be resolved.
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