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Seriously QZ?

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11-04-2015 10:05 AM StaffPremium
Not directly you, but it does apply to anyone, really. A PM or direct contact is an easy way to voice a concern.

Having not used the site myself, I wouldn't have immediately noticed that page wasn't the standard method for posting stories there. Either way, it would technically be valid if he wrote it himself, but there's no way to verify it, and linking your own content would be frowned upon anyway. That's why it won't continue.
Originally Posted by Obsidian Tides
QN has a history of doing this. He's been told/asked multiple times on post a link when he copies a news article. In this case, he's linking his blog. When he was posting several posts a day earlier this year, I found many articles that were straight copy and pastes or even translated copy and pastes from European sites. Many of these are documented in the staff forums.

After reading plenty of his posts, which usually contains broken English(I commend him for learning), when I see a well written article in English, reason would say he probably didn't write the article.There are plenty of English speakers here as well that if they posted a well written article I would wonder as well. But, frankly there's only a couple of people posting that are not following the guidelines.
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