Signed up at 2 am, but still have no stats?

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Hi guys. I live in the UK and I only just signed up to this cool site this morning. It's now coming up to 10 pm and I have noticed that I'm still not getting any stats populating my profile (achievements, games, game history etc) I have had my account for 5 years so there is probably a lot of data to port over to the site, just wanted to make sure nothing is up with my account sync though? Thanks guys.
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My initial scan took a week. After that it was smooth sailing. It's not broken, just have to have patience.
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Xbox sharing settings are wrong. Got an email about it. Hopefully this will fix it.
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It did take a good week to be completely scanned, but I was still showing some data as it was syncing games, etc...

That was over 2 years ago, not sure if things have changed.
Resolved. Thank you guys.
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