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So this app, achievement tracking and completion of the app do not seem to be anywhere on the site. Not in my activity feed, not under the apps section literally nowhere.

When will the bass drop
When did you play it? Was it after your profile synced? That app will only appear once it syncs with a users xbox data I believe!
well the first achievement was Unlocked 11/20/2015

and the final achievement was unlocked 3/16/2016

so there has been ample time for the system to read recognize and sync the data, that also does not change the fact that THIS site does not have ANY kind of entry for the app whatsoever. as I stated in my initial post
When will the bass drop
Once Eric or Fshguy see them I'm sure they will correct this for you Smile

Although that could be a suggestion you could pop in to 'featured suggestions' forum and see if it's in the plans moving forward Smile
actually I am pretty sure this is exactly where this post belongs, being that this is not only an issue but also a possible bug that an APP that give achievements is not being recognized by the scanners, nor has an entry in the app listings.
When will the bass drop
Status changed to 'Logged'
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Status changed from 'Logged' to 'Resolved' - Sorry for the inconvenience but it's added now. That app was in our blacklist. It was likely confused for the NBC app on the Xbox 360 which doesn't have achievements. This app will now sync up for others as well.
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