Gamertag Check isn't very user friendly

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Is it in the plans to look at? I know it's not something people use all the time but it's big white boxes with red writing in......Aren't we on a green colour scheme?
Aside from your esthetic displeasure, what is the actual "user unfriendliness," you mentioned?
It just doesn't fit it the layout of the rest of the site and looks like it's just two random tables plonked there.

I don't have any ideas for how it should look but it was first thing that came to my mind when looking at it...maybe non-user-friendly isn't the right word...
You're right, the Gamertag Checker is a bit of a mess. Especially on mobile. It needs a complete redesign so it fits the latest design. I'd also like for it show more information about the gamertag you're searching for.

I initially built this tool so people could check if a gamertag exists. It could be extended to provide more useful information.

I'll work on it soon.
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Status changed to 'Logged' - I'll try to squeeze this one in next week.
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