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I had a post with Hamster Universe recently, but it appears that is not the only Windows Phone game (I think they are all WP8, not the new Win10 Mobile games) not tracking, like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (WP), Yahtzee (WP), Angry Birds Seasons (WP), and more Hamster Universe. Requesting a scan doesn't clear it up. I'm missing 700-1000k achievement points somewhere across those.
I had this problem with Six-Guns a few weeks ago. I just kept clicking on the achievement on and eventually it unlocked, with the correct date. It took 3-4 days though I think... Hope yours show up soon!
Xbox and the games are tracking, just not on this site.
I unlocked an achievement in Wordament (WP) yesterday and it is showing up on the site. Seems odd that this is a recurring issue for you.
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Sorry for the delay. Looks like Hamster Universe is up to date as of this post. The other games you mentioned appear to be synced up as well.

As a Premium member, you can resync any missing achievements using the "Sync this Game" option on game pages. I tried that for each game and it looks like you're caught up. Here's an example:

Let me know if I'm missing anything.
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Thanks, it looks good now. I'll do that in the future if any issues pop up.

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