How do "cheat code" badges work?

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What is the required format for the site badges that require a cheat code to be entered into the search box? I've specifically tried to do the Pokemon, Konami, and Ninja Gaiden ones, but I'm not having any success. Is there a particular format that's required? For example, if a cheat code required you to push "up" 5 times, how would that need to be entered? UUUUU? Up Up Up Up Up? Up+Up+Up+Up+Up? It's possible I'm just using the wrong codes for Pokemon and Ninja Gaiden, but I definitely know the Konami code, and it didn't unlock using any of the formats I tried.
For answers to questions about how to acquire badges, check the thread here.
Good call, thanks!

Just in case anyone else finds this thread with the same question, Start = Enter.

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