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I've noticed that over the past day my completion percentage on site has risen from 96% to 103%. I did some poking around to see if I could find the inconsistency and noticed two odd things.

- My stats page incorrectly shows I've won 3,606 achievements on both the overview tab and the achievements tab. If I look at my actual achievement page on site it shows a much closer number of 3,460. This is a couple off of my actual earned achievements but accurate as of the last time I was scanned.

- When hovering over my completion rate on my stats page it says my total possible achievements is 3,522. Unless my math is wrong, my total possible should be about 3,585. And to answer to obvious follow-up, yes that is excluding unstarted DLC.

If anyone can help me figure out what went wrong or point out something I'm missing it would be much appreciated. Smile

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