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Hi all, I joined up about a week ago, and only 4 of my games have synced. The two games I had been playing at the time I signed up synced right away. The next day, I played another game that I hadn’t played in a few weeks, and it synced that day. Another 3 days went by with no new games, and after loading up another game I hadn’t played in a few months, that one synced too. But I’m still waiting on the rest. My gamer score synced up properly, as did my avatar, but it seems that any game I haven’t played since signing up on the site isn’t syncing.
It should have synced up by now. Eric is probably going to need to look to see what's happening.
Ok, so should I message him directly? Or does he just periodically check the forums?
He normally checks the forum. Surprised none of the admins have said anything. Go ahead and message him.

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