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Hi all, I've identified at least 1 definite glitch in one of the badges, and a few that might just require some clarification but may also be glitches. Those badges are:

Badgeaholic IV - I'm at 143 badges but IV hasn't popped yet, the tracker shows it's complete and everything

Best Week/Year Ever - Does this only count for weeks/years that occur after signing up with the site? If so, the descriptions might benefit from some updated wording to reflect that. If not, I've had weeks and years that have met these requirements but no unlock yet.

Better Late Than Never - Same as above; does this only count for completions that occur after joining the site? If not, I have 2 that are showing a completion time of over 5 years.

Get The Popcorn Ready - Maybe not a problem with the badge itself but all videos on the site are currently listed as private/invalid.

Glitched - Do games that have had server closures count? This isn't a glitch, but the description just mentions unobtainable achievements, so just hoping to clarify exactly what qualifies for this one. Is there a way to submit achievements for review as unobtainable?

ETA: Sorry, forgot to include part 2 when I initially posted. I was also wondering about games listed here on the site with links to the Microsoft store that have inaccurate info. Different prices, or games that aren’t available anymore, for example. Just wondering if there’s a way to note these things for editing at some point.
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Best Week Ever is tracked after signing up, the Year badge is retroactive to joining the site.

Not sure if Better Late Than Never counts 5+ year completions from before signing up.

The Glitched badge has a somewhat fuzzy definition of what qualifies as "unobtainable" achievements.

All other issues will require one of the staff to look into what's happening behind the scene to be properly fixed.

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