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Every time I try to link my gamertag to my profile, it tells me:
SYSTEM MESSAGE The network we utilize to sync Xbox Live and Gamertag Nation accounts is currently down. To help prevent data complications, you will not be able to link a new gamertag until the connection is restored.
I mean, this has happened every single time I've tried to link my profile and gamertag. Is the system permanently down? lol Or am I just incompetent and unable to figure out how to work this thing?

Thanks in advance for your help.
the system that syncs up gamertag data to the site was taken down by the creator of the system, so we're currently trying to get a new one. we're actually hoping to get the official syncing tools from Microsoft, but we still need their permission first.
anyway, that's why your GT isn't syncing and game data hasn't been updating. we're working on it though
I'm proud to announce that service has been restored to our gamertag sync capability. I will be working towards developing a backup solution should this occur again.

You're free to verify your gamertag now, ChemicalReaper. Gamertag verifications are now working properly. Smile

I appreciate everyone's patience during this time. Happy gaming and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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Ok, cool - I think it worked. Just waiting for the system to verify now Smile

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