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hi everybody,

im new here infact this is my first post and first off i would like to say what a great website this is.

getting to the problem.

when trying to activate my gamer tag nation user and XBL user im having problems.

ive followed the video and copied the activation code thing into my bio and saved it and its went back to the main page but on here its still saying its not activated yet.

ive changed the privacy settings so that everyone can see my profile and bio but it still doesnt change anything.

can someone help me please.
Hello there and welcome to the GTN community. We're pleased to have you. Smile

The verification process has been somewhat buggy these last couple of days so I apologize for it not working properly.

I'll look into a solution for this issue later, but for now, I've set your gamertag as verified. Again, sorry for the inconveniences, but you should be all set! Have fun and enjoy. Big Grin
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