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I just wanted to thank the people behind this website, Who have really done an excellent job in making it fun to visit here. I belong to another gamer website, And I have found with the latest improvements here, That I truly enjoy using this website the most. I have even deleted my account with the other website, As I find I can really keep track and compare my stats much better with Gamertag Nation. So thanks guys, I hope Gamertag Nation is here to stay for a very long time. Cheers!
hey, thanks for the kind words. it's really Eric that deserves the credit though, as he keeps the whole site running on his own.
if you ever have suggestions on how to make it even better, just let us know.
Hey Eric, Thanks man!

Your hardwork and dedication is inspiring to me, As Im in the process of obtaining a college level certificate for Webmaster. One day when I have the skills, Id like to create a website related to gaming as well. So thanks again, Eric, See ya' around!
Wow, this made my weekend. We're still a fairly small community, so I can't tell you how appreciate I am to hear this. Dedicated gamers, such as yourself, keep Gamertag Nation alive and kicking.

I hope you can stick around for awhile, because we've got a lot of great things planned for the future.

Feel free to contact me should you need anything. Thanks again for the inspiring words. Smile
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