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I recently changed my gamertag through XBOX LIVE. When I try to update it in GTN, I run into problems. I go to edit gamertag, And then when I press "Remove Gamertag" (Cuz I want to verify my NEW gamertag)Nothing happens.
I like to change my gamertag around...Im also having some conectivity issues with my computer. I tried sending support an email, Not sure if they got it due to an error I keep getting because of my connection. Anyway, The issue is with the "Edit Gamertag" Page. Why can't I remove my old GT???
i can't do much about gamertags personally, but once Eric is available i'll let him know that something is amiss.
Awesome. Thanks for the help.
Sorry for not getting to this sooner, but I've now taken care of this issue. A big thanks to Cole for bringing this to my attention. Others may now add and remove their gamertag without too much trouble.

For those looking to change the gamertag that is linked up to their account, please select Remove Your Gamertag from the Gamertag Options page.

View Gamertag Options (within the My Account section)

Eventually, I'd like to streamline this process so that your old gamertag stats carry over to your new gamertag. Your gamertag data gets wiped from our server when you choose to delete your gamertag, so a new "Change Your Gamertag" option will be added to the gamertag options page. That's what I have on the radar, anyways.

Let me know if you come across any other bugs on the site. Oh, and check your private messages, Cole. Big Grin
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