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Kingdoms & Lords (WP)

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Hi everyone i am playing the game through my windows phone and would like to add some friends my gamer tag is JemWhu 😊
If you can add thru the game itself add me, but if I need you on my actual fl that may be a bit harder...
Sounds exactly like a game I would play and need help with myself. Unfortunately I'm not starting any new games, working on my old ones right now, but maybe if you're still around when I get this. My loss!
Gamertag : sidhmalhotra
Please add me
I just added you as a friend in the Xbox One Smartglass app, I'm not sure how that handles it via 360 or WP, but I'll start up a game and neighbor up. Goes along for everyone else in the thread.
My gamertag is AOTP iTz Sn1p3r, i will add some of you.
Just got my new phone..have to restart all my games that I had not completed, so when i get this downloaded again I'll be seeking you you out.
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sith rick needs neighbors!
You lack a vital quality found in all Sith. Sith have no fear, and I sense much fear in you."
Feel free to add gamertag
if you need more neighbors in Kingdoms & Lords. Smile

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