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I am looking forward to this game. Love anything Rockstar has made. I will post some video of the game play the day it's released.

Though I won't play it, it's the technology that looks most interesting. We're starting to break out of the uncanny valley with faces like those.
Hey ikmyer. I won't be playing this one either, Not for a while anyway. Im looking to get Alice 2 when it comes out next month. By the way, I checked out your channel on youtube. Can you tell me, Why don't you do commentary with your videos? I had a gaming channel too, But I pulled it when I realized that if you really want to get recognized on YT, Commentary seems to be a real factor. Ever hear of Machinima Respawn? It appears as though you can get paid something like a penny for every view you get, But you need that much covetted contract, And MUST do commentary. Don't get me wrong though, Doing your thing and recording it is great if its fulfulling enough, And can play, Like you can. But yeah, Commentary seems to be where all the action is these days. Honestly speaking, Im not much of a speaker, Just like playing, So I guess thats where it will remain for me. Keep up the good work man! And good luck with that!
I guess I never really thought about doing commentary. I have been thinking about it now since you said something about it and now I have a question. What kind of commentary would you recommend? I have seen videos with commentary on the actual game play and then I have seen some videos where the player just goes off an talks about completely random stuff, nothing to do with the actual game. I am like you, not much of a talker I would say if was to someone I don't know or haven't played with before. I normally don't play shooters solo or without friends so in most of my videos I am talking, just to my friends.

I could try doing commentary. I would have to actually talk about the game, what I am doing, why I am doing it.

Do you think commentary for a game like this (L.A. Noire) could work ?
Hey. Commentary isn't for everyone. And I should've been a bit more candid about that. There are alot of people that DO NOT like commentary when it come to GP videos, They want strictly gameplay. I am one of those people. I was visiting a forum on another gaming site last night, And found a thread on this very topic. It seems when it comes to people looking for videos on games, Its cut into half: 50% like it, 50% do not. Some people find it annoying and distracting, And like you mentioned ikmyer, Many times the narrator goes off into the sunset talking about something irrevelant to the game. When I posted my first response to your question, I really should have mentioned this. You CAN have a successful gaming channel without doing any commentary.

What is important to everybody I think is the gameplay. If the GP is good, Then thats all that matters.
Its going to be a dismantlement. Usually I can tell and Im always right.

Grand Theft Auto,Is simply what put them on the map,anything else they make is garbage. LA Noire is just going to be like bully gameplay wise.
Its going to be a dismantlement. Usually I can tell and Im always right.

Grand Theft Auto,Is simply what put them on the map,anything else they make is garbage. LA Noire is just going to be like bully gameplay wise.
Originally Posted by AntiChristClub
LA Noire isn't a Rockstar game, it's a Team Bondi game, Rockstar are publishing the game, and have had little, to no, input into the game, and Team Bondi have, apparently, had more input into the game than Rockstar.

Okay, yes, it doesn't have mass murder, sex with prostitutes or minority stereotypes, but it looks clever, interesting and a breath of fresh air from the majority of shit that's being released nowadays.
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
The game is pretty cool. It's a little slower then I would have like but it works. There is a lot of down time where your just watching video cut scenes. I really suck at tell if the person is lying or not. The cases are pretty open, more then 1 way to solve some cases and you can even put the wrong man behind bars if thats where the evidence you find leads you. I will be going back to replay most of them to go for the 5 star close rating.

I recorded the first hour of my game play, will post a video sometime in the next couple of days.
Have just ordered it, we in the uk are a couple of days behind lol
It's great but there are some hiccups:
- I know it's a technologically advanced game, but the framerate spends a lot of time below 24fps (some people have installed the game on their Xbox, and they say it improves the FPS and loading times... I don't want to install all three discs, though)
- Some things that just don't make sense*.
- The AI is a little dumb**
- The car handling is bad***.
- Fight scenes feel out of place****.
- Every suspect flees, even if you have nothing on them.
- Characters seem bi-polar -- if you ask questions out of order in interviews, the interviewee will be ready to punch your face in one moment, the next, they're sitting down, politely and calmly answering your question.
- The game suffers bad from Oblivion Syndrome*****.

*Like ramming into pedestrians at 50 miles per hour, no blood or dent on the car, no blood on the sidewalk. Also, when you run over certain small-ish objects, like wooden crates, your whole car jumps 5 feet in the air.

**If a cop car is going through an intersection with sirens blaring, you'd think cross-traffic would actually stop.

***1) All cars drive the same. 2) Braking is completely unrealistic, somehow you can go from 80 to 0 in 500 feet... if we had brakes like that in real life, there would be far fewer accidents. 3) You have to take corners either really wide or really slowly or you'll fishhook. 4) When AI cars go around corners the car model literally just rotates a sharp 90 degrees -- you'll know what I mean if you play the game; it may sound petty, but for a game that tries so hard to be immersive, and for the most part it does a decent job, little things like that really break the experience.

****What I mean is, they feel like an after thought or by a different developer. The gunplay is terrible... Cole Phelps was an officer in the Marine Corps during World War II -- why does he seem to have no clue how to use a pistol? Additionally, you can fire a warning shot in the air to make some suspects stop fleeing... but rather than doing the logical thing, letting you actually fire a warning shot, you have to keep your aim centered on a sprinting character as you wait for a little circle to fill up... of course, by that point, the suspect has rounded several corners.

*****In Oblivion and Red Dead Redemption, this is the idea that you want to explore the game world, but the current situation makes you feel pressured into rushing through the game. 1) In Oblivion, you want to explore, but you need to close the Oblivion gates as quickly as possible. 2) In RDR, you want to explore, but you have the nagging urge to kill everyone so you can save your family. 3) In L.A. Noire, you want to explore beautifully recreated 1947 Los Angeles, but the rushes you from scene to scene: start case, explore crime scene, find evidence, interview, more evidence, interview, chase fleeing suspect, interrogate, next case...
Your a cheerfull one mate lol.
Originally Posted by Eaglet
I'm well known for my sunny disposition :P
I'm well known for my sunny disposition :P
Originally Posted by ChemicalReaper
Has the game frozen at all mate?, i red online a little while ago that the game is making the 360 and ps3 overheat and makes the game freeze.
I thought the PS3 LA Noire overheats were because of the recent firmware update; I wasn't aware it occurred on 360 too.
The best way to address that is to install the game, even if it's a bit of a hassle with more discs. You'll definitely run more smoothly.
I have been running the game from the discs and haven't had any problems yet. Frame rates do drop once in a while but it hasn't been enough to bother me yet. I might install disc 2 and 3 tonight and see if i notice a difference.
im now installing all 3 discs b4 i start playing,got my beers at my side also so im nrly sorted.
They have some cool stats online. You have to create an account to see them. Detailed stats on your cases and gameplay as well.
Let me know if there is any changes between running from the discs or installing as i only have a 60gb drive and only have 5gb left,would be interesting if anything different.
Will do. I will install them this afternoon and post an update later tonight.

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